Storage systems

Vertical Hanging storage system

The vertical hanging storage system (trolley, cabinet mount, wall-mount or drywall mount) is a convenient and effective on-site and office environment storage system. It is integrated with the conventional archive storage system and can handle up to 300 drawings per unit. The double leaves or self-adhesive strips allow easy access to any single drawing. The Protect-A-Plan Folder (A0 & A1) is also integrated with the storage system for off-site work or transportation of drawings.


The storage rack can be wall-mounted or drywall mounted in areas with limited space, converted into a 4 wheel trolley or cabinet mount. It is a light weight galvanized steel structure with slides on the sides opening like a drawer. The 60mm trolley wheels (with a brake) moves easily in the office area.


The rack capacity is 300 drawings with a self-adhesive strip and less with the double-leaf or folder system.

Sizes - Measured inside

A0 - 946mm
A1 - 640mm
A3 - 360mm

Technical Drawings




A0 Wall Mount A1 Wall Mount A3 Wall Mount
Dry Wall Mount A0 Dry Wall Mount A1 Dry Wall Mount A3
A0 Trolley A1 Trolley A3 Trolley
    A3 Desk Stand

Protect-A-Plan TrollEy

The Protect-A-Plan trolley is portable and designed to hang 5 to 10 Protect-A-Plans. When working with small quantities (less than 50 drawings) the wall-mount is convenient for on-site container offices.


Trolley - A1
Wall-mount - A0 and A1