Double-leaf and Self-adhesive STRIPS

Double Leaf

The double-leaf is integrated with the conventional storage system and is designed to store large quantities of drawings on-site and in the office environment. It is an improved drawing handling method that extends the life of drawings.


The double-leaf consists of two glass clear films welded together to a
hanger strip. The drawing slides in between the films and static holds it in place. Drawings can be separated in the archive (trolley or wall-mount) and can easily be removed. The hanger strip on top of the double leaf can be colour coded or tagged for easy identification.


Each double leaf can take two drawings (back-to-back).


A0 (914mm x 1265mm)
A0 (860mm x 1230mm)
A1 (614mm x 920mm)
A2 (440mm x 639mm)
A3 (306mm x 420mm)

Self adhesive strips

The strips are the same as conventional strips, with improved durability.


The strip is self adhesive on the one side. Drawings are aligned and attached to the self adhesive strip and can be colour coded per batch or identification marked with a permanent marker.


A0 (914mm)
A0 (841mm)
A1 (614mm)
A1 (594mm)
A2 (420mm)
A3 (297mm)