Protect-A-Plan Folder A0, A1 & A3

The Protect-A-Plan is an innovative product designed to protect drawings during transport or working on-site. It effectively extends the life of the drawing - saving you reprint costs in the long run, facilitates easy storage, retrieval & transportation as well as enhancing the practical handling of on-site plans.

Accommodates the following drawing sizes:

A0 (914mm x 1219mm)
A1 (610mm x 914mm)
A3 (297mm x 420mm)


Film used to manufacture the Protect-A-Plan is glass clear PVC with good static properties. Drawings are inserted between the films and static holds the drawings in place. Protect-A-Plan are handled on-site without any damage to the drawings. The outer cover is manufactured from flexible PVC to ensure a durable product.


Personalised or project names can be added on both sides of the Protect-A-Plan, alternatively it can be branded with your company logo making a great corporate gift.

Other advantages

The Protect-A-Plan is integrated with the conventional archive system.
Non-permanent notes can be added on the film with a dry erase marker.
Wind effect on the plans is limited when working outside.
Drawings are protected against limited amounts of moisture/rain.


A0 (4 leaves) 4 drawings back to back.
A1 (4 leaves) 4 drawings back to back.
A1 (10 leaves) 10 drawings back to back.
A3 (297mm x 420mm) ( 3 leaves) 2 drawings.


The A0 and A1 are packed in a single rectangular box - convenient for postage.
Twelve singles are packed in a double wall box - convenient for postage.