Protect-A-Plan was started in South Africa in 2010 to fill a gap in the market for a cost effective complete drawing management system. A practical product range was developed using expertise gained in the plastic manufacturing industry.

A number of products have been developed to eliminate problems currently experienced in the industry and include:
  • Protect-A-Plan - extends the life of drawings, saves reprint costs, facilitates easy storage and retrieval, and enhances practical handling of on- site plans.
  • Archive Storage System - a cost effective solution available in all standard draughting sizes.
  • Double –Leaf Protective Folder – the drawing is placed between two layers of clear PVC sheets with a welded hanger strip.
  • Self Adhesive Hanger Strips – these applied directly to drawings to enable storage in the Archive Storage System.
  • Notice Boards – Disposable notice boards
  • Planner – Disposable Planners
  • Photo Boards – Display of photos
  • Control sheet - a system created for protecting legal documentation while working in difficult conditions. Also useful for ISO.
All products have been designed to withstand rugged conditions and create ease of handling. Professionals using these products would include architects, engineers, project managers and geologists as well as draughtsman planners, artists, builders and students